Frequency Of Air Conditioner Service

ac-serviceBuying an AC doesn’t mean that they don’t need any attention. Air conditioning service is to be done once a year by A/C mechanic or expert. As everybody knows, A/C consumes more energy, and you can find some simple energy saving tips in to reduce your utility bills.

Few people tend to check the A/C only if there is trouble or if it stopped working. Though there is no problem, you should call a cooling or heating expert to service once a year. Most of them do that during the spring season of every year so that they will have a track on when they did last. Moreover, servicing and cleaning in spring will make will make the A/C work in high efficiency and will keep your house when you need the most in summer.

The central heating ventilation and the air-conditioning system store the dust and dirt in the areas which affect the efficiency basically in the air filters. When the dust and dirt get piled up the efficiency of the A/C loses its efficiency by 5% which in turn means that we can’t cool the house to its maximum capacity it could clean.

You can find many companies who are experts in heating and cooling systems which are ready to do the maintenance and cleaning service at a very low price. The minimum cost of service would range from $70 to $100. When they do the servicing, they will change their filter if it needs replacement. There are companies which offer discounts if you sign up for regular visits for a year. They will be flexible with the schedules if you wish for preventive maintenance avoiding any issues which may occur during the times when the HVAC is needed the most.

A/C Inspections

Regular inspections may save a lot of money as it reduces the energy used which in turn saves money on utility bills. If you do a regular maintenance check then your roughly the energy bill may reduce to 15% on a monthly basis.The air conditioning unit will even have a longer lifetime due to regular inspections, and the number of breakdowns will be lesser.

If you skip the inspections and services, then you may have to buy a new air conditioner which will cost more than thousand dollars. It is always better to prevent rather than spending hundreds of dollars in repairs. An experienced technician can figure out and correct small issues with A/C units by regular inspection rather than repairing them leaving it unnoticed for a longer time. When issues left unnoticed for a longer time would take more time to be repaired and will be costly.

You may wonder what would be included in an air conditioning maintenance inspection. Motor checking, blower, draining lines, coils, operating temperatures and much more are checked during maintenance. Some technicians even look for the connections and the supply lines to cross check if everything is perfect.

When you decide to hire a company, see to that the technicians are licensed and have insurance just in case they get hurt or if there is damage in your property.

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