Here’s A List Of Foods For A Balanced Diet!

You feel at your best when your body is healthy. A balanced diet is required to keep your body healthy. Include different types of food in the right quantities to achieve this. Supplements such as Niagen can also be tried. Does Niagen Really work? A balanced diet along with supplements if necessary can surely make you stay active and healthy even in your old age.

Taking inputs from, here are some guidelines regarding the food habits you should follow to get fitter.

Food groups to be included in your diet
· Eat five portions of fruits and vegetables in a day.
· Keep starchy foods such as potato, bread, rice, pasta etc as the base of your meal.
· Have dairy products like milk, curd etc or alternatives such as soya milk.
· Eat protein sources like beans, fish, pulses, eggs, meats, etc.
· Include unsaturated fats.
· Drink lots of natural fluids

If you are in the habit of having food and drinks which are high in salt, sugar and saturated fats reduce their quantity and do not have them often as they have adverse effects on your health.

Are you taking enough fruits and vegetables a day?
Fruits and vegetables are very rich sources of vitamins and minerals. They should cover one-third of our daily food. Eating enough of them can reduce the risk of heart diseases, strokes, and cancers.

How to plan your starchy foods?
While choosing starchy foods, go for the wholegrain varieties such as brown rice, brown bread, and whole wheat pasta. The brown varieties have more fiber, vitamins, and minerals than white ones. Potatoes with their skins on are also great sources of fiber and vitamins.

Go for low-fat milk and dairy products
Milk and dairy foods are rich sources of protein and calcium. Calcium is must in your body for your bone health. But you should not override the benefits of dairy products by having the too much fatty versions of them. Go for less fat options such as skimmed milk.

Proteins are essential
Proteins are essential for body growth and maintenance. Beans, pulses, meat, egg and fish are protein-rich foods. They are also storehouses of many vitamins and minerals. Meat is a good provider of iron, zinc and vitamin B12. Certain fishes are good sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Two portions of fish a week are good for your health. Eggs and pulses are also full of proteins. Nuts are fiber rich and are a good alternative to unhealthy snacks. Try to have protein rich foods in moderate amounts.

Avoid harmful oils
Our body requires some amount of fat. Unsaturated fatty acids are the best option. Replace saturated oils and spreads which you use with unsaturated alternatives. This helps in lowering the risk of cholesterol

Say no to excess sugar and saturated fat
Regularly having foods and drinks high in sugar will lead to overweight and tooth decay. Packaged juices, colas etc contain lots of processed sugar which are a real harm to your body.

Keep these points in mind and choose a healthy diet.

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