Tips To Choose The Right Climbing Shoes


Rock climbing is an adventure sport that many people indulge in. It can be an expensive sport as well – considering that you need to buy sports gear and other paraphernalia that fits you perfectly. Climbing harness, rock shoes, helmet, etc. are just a few that form the broad range of sports equipment that is used for rock climbing. Needless to mention, using high-quality, and durable equipment from reputed companies like is vital to ensure your safety will engaging in this dangerous sport.

We are focusing here on giving you some handy tips for getting the climbing shoes that fits you snugly. We discussed this topic with experts at and came up with this list of do’s to find the right fit. More than for any other kind of shoes, for a rock shoe fit, is of paramount importance because it can impede your climbing or allow you to go on exploring to your full potential – all depending on its fit. So, let’s try out some of our tips.

Do Some Afternoon Shopping
Your feet would have swelled up to its full size during the noon time. Try to shop for your climbing shoes during the day to find the shoe that would fit you the best. It would be even better if you can manage to do some walking or running or even climbing before you go shopping. Unless you are going to a cold region, you wouldn’t need socks as the shoes are mostly designed to work with your skin to reduce slippage.

Try Them On
It goes without saying that you should never pick up a shoe without trying it on. If you are purchasing your shoes from an online website, make sure that you order more than one size. You can always return the wrong sizes. Try them at home to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit.

Mind The Size
There is no sizing standard for rock shoes. Different companies will have a different fit for the same size. The rock shoes are available in US, UK and European sizes. When you put on lace shoes, make sure that you undo the lace completely and then tie it up from toe to ankle.

Know Your Right Fit
If your shoe is too tight, it can prevent you from climbing for long and will also cause blisters, bunions and calluses, making it difficult to go on. Experts are of the opinion that you can get more performance from your shoes when your toes are slightly bent at its knuckles. When the slingshot heel rand gets tighter, your feet gets pushed to the front thereby positioning your toes more powerfully. The toes would be in a curved to the crimped position though. But make sure that they are comfortably curved and not painfully bunched against the top of your shoes.

The feet bend differently for different people, but if you find it difficult to slip into your shoes, then it is probably too tight for you. But in general, a high-performance shoe would fit well.

So, slip them on and conquer new heights!

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