Understanding Good Electronic Wall Safes For Homes

There is no doubt that the safest way to secure valuables is to keep them in a safety deposit bank. But this is not possible at all times because of the lack of convenience. Who has the time to go to the bank and get the belonging again and again because it is needed? This becomes especially cumbersome when one needs daily access to those important possessions. It is at these times that a wall safe like the Protex pws1814e safe comes in handy. A few years back a luxury contributor at forbes.com wrote about how much homeowners really know about the things keeping their valuables secure. To remove this ignorance and give a better understanding of a good electronic home, here is a detailed description of the features of a Protex electronic wall safe.

Known as a burglary resistant safe, the security device comes with a digital electronic lock. The safe is powered mechanically so it opens the door automatically after entering the code. The bolts that secure the vault are two in number and made of chrome. The electronic safe requires a home with at least 16-inch wall studs to be installed properly. To install the safe, two holes need to be drilled into the wall between the studs. The safe is compatible for homes and offices. To make installation easier, the safe comes with a flange. This removes the need for re-plastering the walls after the mounting has been done. With two shelves the safes have plenty of safe to store valuables in a secure environment. Both the shelves are removable which mean that she amount of space can be changed and adjusted as per needs and requirements.

The vault is sturdy, heavy and most definitely crowbar proof. A first rate product, installation is easy and can be done by self or by a professional. The interior of the electronic safe is lined and padded with velvet-like material which not only makes the safe aesthetically pleasing but keeps valuables like jewelry in good condition. There is minute and obscured LED light inside the digital wall safe that lights up each time the safe is opened which makes viewing belonging easier. The passcode for the vault is easy to set and requires four digits. In case of forgotten PIN, there is six digit override code. The override code can also be set by the owner while the safe is in factory settings. The safe works through the power of 4 AA batteries. As a fail-safe mechanism, there is the second compartment for batteries if by chance the first set of batteries run out of power. Though such a case is highly unlikely, as the safe is built with a mechanism to warn when the batteries run low.

The makers of the sturdy and strong digital wall safe kept every contingency in mind while making it. The safe also comes with a set of keys if the electronic mechanism fails absolutely. The digital wall safe is easy to program, works like butter sliding on hot toast and the safest home vault available at the price!

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